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ASP.NET web hosting, WebSitePanel web hosting, VirtualMin web hosting, Windows 2008R2 web hosting, CentOS web hosting, offered for Virtual web wosting or virtual private servers [VPS] and powerfull dedicated web servers. Our Windows servers provide full ASP.NET and php support, Web Platform Installer and WebSite Panel user control panel for web site management.

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Windows Basic
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Windows Basic
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Windows Basic
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$71.95  $69.00


Whether you want an ASP.NET or PHP CMS site, blog, or photo gallery. Billed at $69.00 per year makes this is a very low cost hosting account. The power of ASP.NET makes building real world Web applications dramatically easier. We offer a great mix of Linux support services for things like Spam Assassin, Anti-Virus filtering and DNS services.


You can mix different scripts in each website - ASP.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, or Perl. Let's say you have inherited a website which uses classic ASP alongside PHP script alongside ASP.NET or even use Perl for certain parts of the same web site. You also need the PHP script connecting to a SQL 2008 Server and MySQL database and the Classic ASP and ASP.NET connecting to the same MySQL and SQL 2008 Server.


IIS 7.5:
Windows Server® 2008R2 provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform for reliably hosting Web, sites, services and applications. With IIS 7.5, you get choice and control without giving up reliability or security. Easily deploy and run both ASP.NET and PHP web applications on the web site.
Web Platform:
Rapid Deployment of Web Platform applications like WordPress, DotNetNuke, SugarCRM, mojoPortal, SilverStripe, Gallery Server Pro, Gallery, ScrewTurn Wiki, BlogEngine.NET, Subtext, and nopCommerce, to the rock-solid ASP.NET application environment. You can install any of these applications with any account using the control panel.
This is an easy to use control panel for Windows hosting. With WebsitePanel you can easily manage all your web sites, FTP accounts, databases and other resources from a single place.



Whether you want an ASP.NET or PHP CMS site, blog, or photo gallery; this account at $5.95 per month is a very low cost approach.
Windows Basic

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